Our Mission


The Anne Sippi Clinic treatment groups mission is to help individuals to restore a happy and meaningful life with its inherent civil liberties. We partner with consumers, family members, community members, service providers, and agencies. We consider this partnership to be fundamental in assisting individuals and families struggling with emotional, behavioral, or developmental issues in defining their own expression of self-sufficiency.

We operate and maintain homelike environments that promote and support recovery and resiliency, in keeping with each individuals stated goals. We believe this is possible by linking individuals and families with warm and supportive live/work environments combined with effective and enduring evidence-based practices, education, and treatments with the necessary and desired supports.


Our Vision


We assert that everyone has the ability to contribute to his or her own community in a meaningful way. We believe that “giving” helps each of us to establish a sense of belonging and identity within our own community. We find that being an integrated part of our local community reinforces our status as equal citizens who should enjoy the opportunity to be employed, to live in ones own own home, and to be involved in all aspects of community. We support the vision that all persons struggling can achieve their potential and be respected as members of the community, co-workers, neighbors and friends.



Our Purpose


  • To offer all participants respect, hope, mutuality and unlimited opportunity to access the same worlds of friendship, housing, education and employment as anyone in our society.

  • To recognize that sustainable restoration must involve the whole person in a vital and culturally sensitive community which offers a better quality of life, and which reduces the need for hospitalization, legal involvement and restrictive or segregated living.

  • To disrupt the historic cycle of disappointment and underestimation which has preceded individually centered and effective mental health, behavioral and developmental services.

  • To offer work opportunities, education, and prevocational training to all participants, regardless of current illness status or functional abilities.

  • To offer only proactive, well-defined services directed toward independence while reducing negative outcomes.

  • To teach each participant the psychological skills for problem solving, emotional regulation, self-awareness, and adaptive responding.

  • To provide access to timely, effective evidenced based best practices in pharmacotherapy and health care.

  • To, whenever possible, involve families in treatment planning and interventions which facilitate reunification, and healthy family dynamics.

  • To assist individuals with forensic issues in redefining their community participation, and in understanding the consequences of past or pending legal difficulties.

  • To facilitate success through effective service provision so that all persons can exceed social and personal limitations.




ASC practitioners

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Michael Rosberg, Ph.D.

Dr. Rosberg has over 30 years of experience treating the refractory mentally ill in both inpatient and outpatient environments. Dr. Rosberg is a licensed clinical psychologist, a marriage and family therapist, and maintains a robust private practice specializing in the provision of evidence-based best practices for major mental illnesses, neuropsychology, assessment and development. Dr. Rosberg has been a featured presenter at multiple national conferences including the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) and the International Symposium for Psychotherapy and Schizophrenia. Dr. Rosberg has also consulted for mental health departments within 11 California counties and provided input in the writing of a landmark bill addressing the provision of mental health services in California (AB1425) that was signed into law in 2002.



Chess Brodnick, Ph.D.

Dr. Brodnick earned degrees from California Coast University, Pepperdine University and California State University Northridge in the field of psychology. As a licensed marriage family therapist (MFT), Dr. Brodnick has over 37 years of experience working with individuals with chronic, persistent mental illness. A co-founder of the Anne Sippi Clinic, Dr. Brodnick has assisted many patients on their road to recovery through pioneer treatments in a community setting. Dr. Brodnick has lectured nationwide on the subject of treating refractory clients in the community and believes ASC patients are living proof that recovery is “alive and well.”



Leora Brodnick, Ph.D., PT

Dr. Brodnick received training in both psychology and nursing at the Long Beach Neuropsychiatric Institute, California Coast University and UCLA. A pioneer in the discovery that community living and rehabilitation lead to recovery, Dr. Brodnick was instrumental in the development of the Anne Sippi system of care. She has specialized in the treatment of severely mentally ill and refractory clients including those suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and developmental disabilities. Dr. Brodnick’s passion is helping clients “unlock the person they were meant to be.” She and her recovery team are dedicated to this “process of rediscovering life” in both inpatient and community settings.



Ken Bagnis, MA, MFT

For more than 14 years, Ken Bagnis has participated in developing a unique and accessible continuum of care to address the complex needs of adults with severe and persistent mental illness. As the Director of Treatment for the ASC Treatment Group, his goal is to provide a warm and creative environment that fosters recovery. His treatment philosophy is based on the premise that people change within the context of relationships. Through the lens of a strengths perspective, he describes, “I look for their abilities, hopes and dreams. I want to know about what they value and simply what makes them smile.”


Bagnis is a graduate of Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. He was recently featured in Pepperdine University’s alumni magazine, which described him as “The light in the life of an otherwise marginalized group of society.”



Medical Director, Leslie Horton M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Leslie Horton has been the medical director of Anne Sippi Clinics since 2009.

Dr. Horton brings a unique set of skills to the psychiatric care of our patients. She has extensive experience in treating the severe and persistent mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Addictions, Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder. She has a MD and a PhD from UCLA, with her PhD in Medical Anthropology adding a uniquely multidisciplinary approach to the care of our patients. She did her Internship in Pediatrics at the University of Chicago and a Residency in Psychiatry at Los Angeles County/USC Hospital. She has written on "Cultural Perspectives on Suicide" and was one of the members of the American Psychiatric Associations "Task Force on Guidelines for the Treatment of the Suicidal Patient". Dr. Horton has advanced training in the psychopharmacology of schizophrenia, including in the use of Clozapine, a treatment which is vastly underused by psychiatrists (Psychiatric Services. 2014;65:186-192). Dr. Horton is committed to providing state of the art care for those most challenged by mental illness.



Nick Damian, C.O.O.

Mr. Nick Damian, Chief Operating Officer, joined ASC-TG in 2007, after a 20 year career in local hospitals. Mr. Damian has served as Psychiatric Service Manager, Service Director, and as Administrator of two, 65 bed hospitals in Bakersfield, California.

“Nick”, is a Kern County native, and a Graduate of Kern County schools, as are his parents and children. “Seeing the person first”, has been a career-long objective for Nick. To this day, he requires that he and his staff of nearly 100, “find a way to say yes” to the clients and residents of Anne Sippi Clinic.

Mr. Damian is a veteran of the Vietnam War and has been privileged to be married to his wife Mary Jane Damian for 40 years.



Nathan Petty, C.P.A.

Nathan acts as ASC’s chief financial officer. Nathan has more than thirty years of audit, tax and consulting experience. His role with ASC includes the implementation and monitoring of financial systems which help to ensure compliance with various contract provisions and the Company’s long-term financial success.