The ASC Treatment Program

The Anne Sippi Clinic for the treatment of the long term mentally ill holds out hope for those patients that have seen treatment failure after failure. Our principles of treatment are basic. We believe that all people afflicted with severe mental illnesses want to change, but don't know how. We must help them find direction. It is our responsibility to help them change.

We think that given an optimistic atmosphere, which respects our patients integrity and their needs for an independent life style, that they can be encouraged to "make it in the real world". Treatment with this population is typically restrictive not allowing them the opportunity to actively participate in decision making that involves their survival needs. We think they should be able to participate in treatment negotiations. The hypothesis is simple. These are human beings that may be more dysfunctional than they need to be. We hold that this is a result of the world around them that sees them as strange and unable to cope. This attitude becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. We believe they can do much to help themselves if we have an understanding of them as unique individuals with the need to succeed given the opportunity and the guidance they require.

Our program provides a variety of treatment methods that lead to healthy relationships, a sense of dignity, and productive living. Our treatment program is specifically designed to provide immediate quality of life improvements for its residents. Today, the best research points out the importance of utilizing a variety of treatment methods, which operate in a contiguous manner, to affect the best treatment and outcome.

It is important to state that we are treating the individual, not the diagnosis. We must consider each person and their individual differences and design a program that fits their specific needs. We want to help them improve the quality of their lives, which of course, also means keeping them out of psychiatric hospitals.

As we outline the treatment modalities we use, it should be understood that these methods are not implemented without some understanding of the client's tolerance to the stress factors involved with activating and stimulating therapeutic activities. Bearing this in mind may require a period of treatment preparation.

The following is a list of what we offer each resident:

1. Our approach emphasizes Psycho-Social treatment.

2. Daily psychotherapy, reaching toward and developing with the patient achievable treatment goals. We are not looking for insight as much as we are trying to motivate the patient to work in collaboration with the therapist, to act differently, and behave in more socially acceptable ways. We remind you that our patients are not early onset cases.

Group therapies follow a whole range of approaches to sharpen social skills and direct patients in their rehabilitation efforts. Throughout the years, traditional treatment has focused on pathology and forgotten the healthy parts that exist in all human beings. Our concentration is on patient strengths rather than weaknesses. It is our opinion that these efforts reduce pathology and reinforce strengths.