The Anne Sippi Clinic – Los Angeles residential treatment facility is located on 2 acres in a quiet residential community in the eastern part of Los Angeles. ASC – LA is home to 37 people and has been a working residential treatment center since opening in November of 1978. In continuous operation with many of the same practitioners, "The Clinic" serves as a model for innovative residential treatment within an urban environment. The Clinic is conveniently located near Cal State University Los Angeles, South Pasadena, and urban Los Angeles.

Located on 2 acres, our Los Angeles campus provides a quiet and college dormitory-like living experience. With shared bedrooms, art facilities, community dining and a relatively vast outdoor garden and park, the clinic is often seen by our clients as a welcome improvement in quality of life and living environment opportunities. Here our clients experience opportunities for collaborative living, growth through work and opportunity, and an opportunity to participate in nearly every aspect of daily living. In Los Angeles we have and continue to specialize in providing services to an otherwise underserved population. We pride ourselves in providing an openness to individual wants and needs, while helping to create receptiveness for those whom we serve. Each day at "the clinic" provides opportunities for clients to participate in a range of therapeutic activities, social opportunities, and healthy quality living.

Our programs are comprised of:

  • Available individual psychotherapy on a daily basis

  • Practitioners are licensed psychologists, MFT's, and psychiatric technicians

  • Robust therapeutic group activities

  • Certified Medi-Cal outpatient program

  • Staff include a Certified Substance Counselor, Social Workers and Activities Director

  • Work program opportunity for all clients

  • Comprehensive pharmacotherapy services

  • Board certified psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse

  • Programs, curricula and training opportunities for Residents and Staff are available under the direction of  our Licensed Clinical Directors, our Psychiatrist, and in compliance with all regulations of the California Department of Social Services.

    The Anne Sippi Clinic – Los Angeles, houses residents from 9 Counties throughout the state. Having such a diversified Resident and Staff composition is just the beginning of stabilizing and growing at The Clinic - a universal goal for all ASC-Treatment Group owned and operated therapeutic centers.