The Garden House Workshop 501 c3


The Garden House Workshop is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which provides for treatment services, housing, and resources for persons suffering from severe and persistent illness.

The ASC treatment group employs “evidence-based best practices” and contemporary recovery-oriented models in its treatment of persons living within the community. All clients, whether they’re living in apartments, board and care facilities, in private residences, with family, or at the Riverside Ranch, received these services as needed. The clients living at the Riverside Ranch are afforded the additional opportunity of immediate interaction with dedicated staff members trained to provide these services.

While traditional mental health therapies and documented groups are a critical component of this recovery, it’s the community supports and the willingness to do “whatever it takes” (from the mental health services act) to help a client to succeed and remain in community placement is always the objective of our treatment team. For the clients living at the Riverside Ranch frequently, helping them through a crisis fosters a sense of hope, and improves relationships with friends, family and community. It’s these very services, supported by the literature, which are often of longer-term importance. The clients living at the Riverside Ranch have consistently presented a degree of difficulty which resulted in the very long term hospitalizations, and incidents within the community which resulted in the placement at our rural facility. It is the dedicated efforts of staff providing services through the outpatient clinic which has preserved placement for these individuals, and assisted in their community readiness. Many of our clients have averted significant crises as a function of these supports. Success within one environment ultimately translates into the community.

ASC treatment group prides itself in helping to preserve community placements and avoid costly hospitalizations. The clients living at the Riverside Ranch facility have had less than one hospital day per year per client, throughout their stay at our facility. These clients, traditionally the highest utilizer’s of acute psychiatric services, have benefited significantly from the outpatient supports provided by Riverside Ranch employees in support of this evidence-based model. These services were appropriate and necessary preserve placement and continuity of care.