Celebrating 40 years of Service and Innovation

The Anne Sippi Clinic is named after Anne Sippi. Anne struggled throughout her lifetime with severe and persistent mental illness. Her mother, Jane Henderson, believed in finding help for her beyond the resources available at that time. After struggling during her formative years Anne was diagnosed with schizophrenia in her early teens. Unfortunately, her condition did not improve and in the early 70s she was referred to Jack Rosberg and Chess Brodnick who were operating a day services program in Hollywood, California. With daily therapeutic involvement and extensive wraparound services championed by Chess and Leora Brodnick, Anne was able to live in a board and care environment successfully. At the time it was felt as though the available residential treatment environments were lacking the services that Anne, and many like her desperately required, and therefore efforts were undertaken to purchase a residential treatment center.

With the help of Ms. Henderson, and musician Jackson Brown a benefit concert took place, and the seed money was found to open the Anne Sippi Clinic in Eastern Los Angeles. In 1978 the Anne Sippi Clinic, a residential treatment center was named after her. Anne lived successfully at the treatment center for more than 20 years, ultimately passing away from a heart condition.

Michael Rosberg joined ASC in early 1979, and Dr’s Rosberg and Brodnick have operated the facilities since then. The partnership has remained strong, and as clinical as opportunities and ideas have evolved, the ASC treatment group has developed innovative options for persons with severe and persistent mental illness. Expanding to include our rural Bakersfield area, the ASC – Riverside Ranch opened in 1995.

With nearly 40 years of consistent effort, the ASC Treatment Group has provided services to thousands of persons suffering from severe and persistent mental illness. Now our treatment group is comprised of a residential campus in Los Angeles, a residential treatment community located on 15 acres alongside the Kern River on the outskirts of Bakersfield California, a Medi-Cal certified outpatient facility in the City of Commerce, and a wraparound services program providing care for individuals residing in board and care homes in the greater Los Angeles area.

There’s No Place Like Home

Our environments are currently operated by Directors Dr. Michael Rosberg, Dr. Chess Brodnick, and our Chief Operating Officer, Nick Damian. With more than 100 years of collective experience The Anne Sippi Clinics’ treatment teams have developed a unique and accessible system of care and treatment designed to address the needs of the more difficult and underserved segment of the severely mentally ill. Our goal lies in helping individuals with severe and persistent mental illness to reduce their symptoms, improve the quality of their lives and regain a sense of productivity. Our specialized methods encompass treatments for psychotic and effective disorders, personality disorders, dual diagnoses (that include substance abuse) and other acute as well as long-term mental disorders.

The journey from confusion to productivity, self-empowerment and improved quality of life is an individualized journey that takes place within an integrated and open system of care. Our programs are flexible and exist within a comprehensive living environment that grows to accommodate the changing needs and goals of each individual.