Aid Those Suffering from Severe Mental Illness

Our services benefit persons with a history of severe and persistent mental illness symptoms of a refractory nature. As a result, these persons may have difficulty maintaining their home, keeping appointments and maintaining basic needs such as safety, self-protection, employment and medical care. Our services also assist those suffering from substance abuse disorders coupled with mental illness.


Provide Professional and Personalized Service

Our community treatment teams – comprising of psychiatrists, substance abuse specialists, mental health administrators, vocational specialists, resident advisors and family advocates – provide personalized service designed to meet individual needs as clients’ illnesses wax and wane. This customized care enables greater growth and autonomy for our clients, improving their quality of living.


Fit Our Clients’ Lives

ASC Adult Community Services offer flexible and creative care to clients in their living environment, in our treatment facilities and within our campus work programs. We work collaboratively with our clients, as well as their families and friends, because we’re not just about recovery, but also about the relationships formed along the way.

Be Successful and Cost Effective

Anne Sippi Clinic’s intensive programs reduce costly and restrictive hospitalization by at least 50% compared to other programs. In fact, ASC clients have historically had less than one hospitalization per year.