The Anne Sippi Clinic Adult Community Services-Commerce

The Anne Sippi Clinics Adult Community Services Commerce is a Medi-Cal certified outpatient center that provides services for clients as referred by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, and the Ventura County Department of Mental Health. The outpatient treatment center is open Monday through Friday, and is a part of our community-based wraparound services efforts. The clients who attend this program must be referred by their county's mental health department. The clients reside in one of our three distinct environments which includes our Los Angeles clinic. Additionally, clients reside in contracted board and care homes in both Pasadena and North Hollywood.

The Anne Sippi Clinics Adult Community Services are tailored to the individual needs of the severely mentally ill. This continuum of care supports each client throughout his or her journey from mental illness to wellness. Our guiding principle is that with proper client-specific support, each individual has the potential for development and improved quality of life.

The outpatient center is located in a commercial building which once housed the union meeting hall. This historic building serves our clients and provides opportunities for varied therapies, community activities and productive participation in treatment.


Our Adult Community Services program serves as a model for innovative community-based wraparound services within an urban environment. The program is conveniently located near Cal State University Los Angeles, South Pasadena, and urban Los Angeles.

Our programs are comprised of:

  • Individual Psychotherapy Available on a Daily Basis

  • Practitioners are Licensed Psychologists, MFT's, and Psychiatric Technicians

  • Robust Therapeutic Group Activities

  • A Certified Medi-Cal Outpatient Program

  • Staff include a Certified Substance Counselor, Social Workers and an Activities Director

  • Work Program Opportunity for All Clients

  • Comprehensive Pharmacotherapy Service

  • Board Certified Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Nurse

    Programs, curricula and training opportunities for clients and staff are available under the direction of  our Licensed Clinical Directors, our Psychiatrist, and in compliance with all regulations of the California Department of Social Services.