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Anne Sippi Clinic adult community services

Anne Sippi Clinic adult community services are tailored to the individual needs of the severely mentally ill. This continuum of care supports each client throughout his or her journey from mental illness to wellness. Our guiding principle is that with proper client-specific support, each individual has the potential for development and improved quality of life.


ASC adult community services include:


  • Treatment-planning and case management
  • Medication management
  • Individual and group psychotherapy
  • Residential care services
  • Outpatient services (symptom awareness, social skills
    and communication, coping skills, substance abuse prevention,
    medical training and physical health care, and pre-vocational training)
  • Family counseling



Our Services


Aid those suffering from severe mental illness

Our services benefit persons with a history of severe and persistent mental illness symptoms of a refractory nature. As a result, these persons may have difficulty maintaining their home, keeping appointments and maintaining basic needs such as safety, self protection, employment and medical care. Our services also assist those suffering from substance abuse disorders coupled with mental illness.


Are professional and personalized

Our community treatment teams – comprising psychiatrists, substance abuse specialists, mental health administrators, vocational specialists, resident advisors and family advocates – provide personalized service designed to meet individual needs as clients’ illnesses wax and wane. This customized care enables greater growth and autonomy for our clients, improving their quality of living.


Fit our clients’ lives

ASC adult community services offer flexible and creative care to clients in their living environment, in our treatment facilities and within our campus work programs. People who want to be productive and have subsequent earnings for maintenance activities and landscaping. We work collaboratively with our clients, as well as their families and friends, because we’re not just about recovery, but also about the relationships formed along the way.


Are successful and cost effective

Anne Sippi Clinic’s intensive programs reduced costly and restrictive hospitalization by at least 50% compared to other programs. In fact, ASC clients have historically had less than one hospitalization per year.


Other ASC treatments – Pharmacology

Anne Sippi Clinic’s care professionals are experts in pharmacology – the study of how medications affect a person’s system. They work closely with every client to design an appropriate course of medication management to ensure the best quality of life.



Mental Health Recovery and Rehabilitation Services for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Populations

A special program in consideration of the mental health services for deaf and hard of hearing individual bill of rights act. The ASC treatment group as long held that all individuals, regardless of circumstance or disability, deserve every agency's best effort. Long a leader in the development of innovation and service – we provide highly individualized residential services, in a community setting, on a 24 hours a day, seven days a week basis.

In keeping with this mission we have recognized that interest in mental health specialty services for hearing impaired persons has expanded over the 35 years we have been working. Unfortunately, the availability and accessibility of clinical services have lagged behind. Despite federal mandates, deaf Americans psychiatric and psychosocial needs appear to remain profoundly underserved.

Receiving residential treatment services which are effective and need-based can be very challenging – and especially challenging for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. As a function of the opportunity to provide services to special individuals, some of whom are hearing impaired, ASC has been working to develop a specialized program to meet these clients needs. In doing so we recognize the special challenges clients face when agencies are not prepared to provide services to them without staff who are properly trained and prepared to meet their needs, in their own language, and in keeping with the frustrations which are profoundly compounded by illness. We recognized further that direct communication for clients, in their language or a mode of communication that is accessible is always preferred.

In the ASC treatment group specialty services program for the hearing impaired, we have deaf staff on-site to assist with sign communication and daily rehabilitation and recovery needs. We provide support and assistance in navigating mainstream society helping residents access mental health recovery and realization opportunities afforded the hearing population. We promote self-determination and self-sufficiency within the client's desired mainstream life.

At ASC are hearing impaired residents live in a supportive atmosphere amongst peers, but receive staff services and oversight is determined by the individual residents needs and functioning level. Each residence care is overseen by our interdisciplinary treatment team which includes: the resident, the administrator, case management, therapeutic and psychiatric service providers, a nurse and family members. In addition, we collaborate with outside service providers as needed.



For all individuals mental health recovery programming goals may include:


  • Developing a healthy daily routine.
  • Developing awareness of mental health diagnosis and symptoms associated.
  • Practicing in developing coping skills to better manage illness and symptoms
  • Accurate and active participation and awareness in pharmacotherapy, in a language accessible to each individual.
  • Maintaining and developing healthy and happy social skills.
  • Understanding and developing system management opportunities.
  • Accessible substance abuse awareness and education.
  • Making sure that each and every day affords the opportunity for a happy and fulfilling life to include healthy hobbies and recreational activities.
  • Money management.
  • Transportation skills and travel.
  • Independent living skills.
  • Use of various assistive technologies.
  • Supported education, individual life and life goals.


The ASC treatment group currently contracts with counties and agencies throughout California.

These include:

  • Regional Centers throughout the State of California
  • Ventura County Behavioral Health
  • Fresno County Behavioral Health
  • Orange County Behavioral Health
  • Riverside County Behavioral Health
  • Los Angeles County Behavioral Health
  • San Diego County Behavioral Health
  • San Bernadino County Behavioral Health
  • Private Pay Referrals